DIY backlit ISO test chart


What’s the very best thing you can do with a Philips TV set? You’re right: Make an illuminated picture frame out of it!

In this case the „picture“ is an ISO 12233 test chart used for measuring resolution of „electronic still imaging“ cameras, which you can find at Stephen Westin’s Website. As you can see I simply printed it out with my laser printer on several A4 pages and badly stitched them together for an inferior result. But the proof lies in the pudding. It shows that the concept is working fine, so now I just need to get a translucent test chart and slip it in the frame.

Now before you start yelling that I don’t like Philips TV sets (I don’t, by the way :twisted: ), this one had a broken TCON board. Replacement can only be had together with a new panel, which is way more expensive than a new TV set. I did try to actually fix the TCON board first, but screwed up and fried it completely.
I then started out gutting the whole case, leaving in only the power supply unit which also contains the driver for the LED backlight. I hooked it up for constant full power backlight, and that’s basically it. Of course I also had to open the „panel“ and remove the actual „panel“ from it, because it’s usually black and not very translucent, you know… Best thing would have been to replace the panel with a float glass window, but since I didn’t have one handy I simply put the chart between the layers of acrylic foils which help with diffusing the light.

The light is rather blueish, which probably discards this as a cheap alternative for commercial backlit test charts. Light output is a little on the high side, too, so I probably have to retrofit some form of dimming.


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